Joining The Council of the Nine

The Council of the Nine is a role playing guild. Our goal as a group is simply to provide each other with a catalyst of ideas, stories and scenarios that build our legend. We are people of Magic. We are not all Wizards, however magic is of great import to us.

Although we have a Guild Master. His role is not to provide our members with "something to do." It is specifically the responsibility of each member to contribute to our story.

The Council of the Nine follows the story line of the Community of Skara Brae as well as creating it's own stories. It is most important to familiarize oneself with all of the information in our Tome and on our Links scrolls. Additionally, a great deal of our ongoing story will be found in the message scrolls.

Each member must do the following

Read our scrolls (web site) often.

All information about our guild will be maintained here. You will not be contacted by ICQ or email about upcoming events.

Take part in the scenario.

Make your character an important part of the story.

Remain "in character."

Role-playing is an art. If you have not yet thought about exactly who your character is, now is the time. Developing your character takes time. Following the story line and taking an active part will make developing your character very easy.

Read and abide by the Council of the Nine By-Laws

Each member is encouraged to do the following

Write short stories that grow our legend.

Submit your stories to Zed via the winds. They will be posted in our Tome.

Create and Game Master Quests.

Quests give roleplaying a purpose. A quest can be a great thing to write a short story about!

Fill Out The Registration Scroll