Geography of the Lands of Skara Brae

By Arlas Wickes, Cartographer

The geography is divided into three areas. The Druid Camp island, the island of Skara Brae and the mainland. The entire country is 98 miles from west to east and 53 miles from north to south. It is bordered on the north by the Serpent's Tail and Sheep's Bay, on the east by the Phantom and Ghost Rivers, on the south by the Fire Mountains, and extends 5 miles to the west beyond Druid Camp.

Druid Camp is an the westernmost island. It is 11 miles long and 4 miles wide. In the time before the great earthquake that severed the land, this area was used by the druids to perform their seasonal rituals. It became the temporary home of the druidess Ailynne during her stay in Skara Brae.

The island of Skara Brae is the larger of the islands. It is 21 miles long and 15 miles wide. The small hilly terrain is covered in forest and it is a rare day that doesn't start with the mist from the sea blanketing the island. The Seaward Channel to the west and the Misty Channel to the east channels the northerly winds across the island. The intensity only rises above a stiff breeze during the winter storms. The capitol is Skara Brae which is located on the southern point of the island.

The mainland is entirely covered by the forested hills of the Spiritwoods. Along the western coast the residents of Skara Brae have established farms, homes and businesses . The Spiritwoods contain all manner of beasts from rabbits to the mighty bears. The northern and eastern reaches of the land is frequently beset by roving bands of orcs and the occassional troll or ogre. Travelling the depths of the Spiritwoods takes cunning and sharp woodsland skills to avoid getting lost or killed. Long ago the Spiritwoods received its name from the many spirits that were seen roaming the forest. Even today the wayward traveller may, to his dispair, come across a shade drifting through the trees. In the middle of the Spriritwoods one will find Relvinian's Maze. This magical area encompasses 13 acres of carefully trimmed hedges and unique areas that hold plants from around Sosaria. Within its center the outcasts of society have founded their home, which they call the City of the Damned.