The Story of Hollo Fest

The Story of Hollofest
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Lady Poppy Python

The Ranger Lord Perlak Pongrin, gasping for his last breath before his death, tells his son why he, and his son, and his son, shall live in fear for the rest of their lives:

" 'Twas many moons when your great-great-great grandfather was out huntin' in the woods of Skara and saw two men steal from a woman who had nothing but what they took. He chased the two through the woods. When he finally caught them he demanded they give back what they had taken. When he saw one of them pull out a dagger and make a threatening move towards him he shot the fellow with three arrows and watched as the thief fell to the ground in death. As he watched the man fall he realized that the person he had shot was not only not the thief but he also had no dagger in his hand. His wife must have been a witch, for she told your grandfather that for the death of her husband "Hollo" all of his family's first born sons would fear being alone as long as they lived.

"Of course he did not believe in curses but in amazement of what he had seen he fled, not knowing himself what had happened.

"Then after his son's birth he noticed that his son could not be left alone. For everytime he was alone he would cry his heart out. He would never get any sleep.

"Well, he and your great-great-great grandmother tried many things to help their son. Then one day while they once again begged for forgiveness upon the shrine of Spriituality, a woman appeared before them and asked if she could be of some help.

"For many moons the woman gathered information. People began calling her "Fellow" for all she did was follow people, befriend them, then all she wanted was to barter questions for answers. She soon had a couple of followers that in turn did the same. They began to call themselves the 'Fellowship.'

"The Fellowship finally discovered that a great mage had the power to make illusions and that your grandfather actually did see what he saw, although the people where real their actions were not. They also discovered that the curse was that the ghost of 'Hollo' would appear to the son when ever he was alone and scare him.

"After your grandfather found the thief and the illusionist and sent them to their makers he thought the curse would be broken. But alas, twas not. So he asked the Fellowship to find a way to break the curse. Once again the Fellowship sought out and traded answers for questions and the group grew to a membership of twelve. Then they thought they had found the answer. They discovered the ancient magic word of release 'Ween.'

"They did their magic and the curse was lifted, so they thought. But on the anniversary of Hollo's death he came back hunting for his killer's son once again. Now on this night the Fellowship were not ready or expecting this and the 'Hollo-Mares' started all over again.

"Once again he called upon the Fellowship which had now grown to 13. They studied, and studied, and tried various things to no avail. The ghost would always find his target. They discovered that their efforts needed some assistence so they asked the people of Skara to help with discovering the ghost. Although the people of Skara are kind and loyal to one another they were not fond of hunting ghosts.

'One of the small farming villiages that the ghost traveled thorough on his way to find the son discovered that candles left outside would ward the ghost from their homes, yet the wind would blow the candles out. This farming community was by no means wealthy and could not afford laterns. So some kids got the idea to use pumpkin shells after they had taken out the innards for their mothers to make pies. Then to let more light out they would carve out holes into the pumpkin. They decided to take it a step further. They reasoned that the ghost scares others so they thought to scare it back and carved scary faces into the pumpkins. They would then take these carved pumpkins to town and trade them to the shop and home owners for rock candy. The townspeople used the pumpkin lanterns to protect their homes and shops from the ghost of Hollo!

"This is what ye must do. Ye must find with the Fellowship and position yourself so they may do their duty. For the ghost will appear where he died and walk to the city looking for thee. The Fellowship must interupt the ghost on his way to ye four times in groups of three and together chant 'Holloween' three times. ('Hollo for the name of the ghost, and 'Ween' for the magic word release.) Then the thirteenth member of the Fellowship must stay with you and before the ghost of Hollo makes contact with ye eyes, yet be in sight of you the member must scream out the last 'Holloween!' Hence releasing Hollo's spirit to rest yet another year."