King Kor

S.Y. 313.2 (May 31, 2002)
King Kor
From the scrolls of the Orcs of Kor

Orc clans from across the land gathered to perform a vile ritual. Many of these orcs descended from the once huge and prosperous, Orcs of Kor clan. The clan was left in shambles and eventually dissolved after their king, Kor the Orc King, attemped to slay a divine foe.

Ka'Gron the Corrupter, deity of the devilish Dark Orcs, urks (lesser orcs that wander the lands) and other vile, chaotic evil humanoids that wander the lands, was found to be weakened. Kor the Orc King charged forth into Ka'Gron's plane of existence where the mighty one had cowered to. In this plane, no sustenance, sleep or other necessities were needed. Endlessly and relentlessly, Kor battled Ka'Gron. Neither could best the other. Kor soon realized that for as long as he battled Ka'Gron, the deity could not gain in strength or power.

This eternal battle had stripped the orcs of their king. Eventually they formed individual clans and life went on, as they spread themselves thin across the land. Attempts to unify the clans met with many battles and wars over who would lead the clans. Wars with the forces of humanity and with the rival orc clans soon began to thin the numbers of orcs in all of Sosaria. It looked as if the time of the orc would soon be at an end.

An orc shaman's relentless research revealed information on a powerful evil archmage who might have been able to assist the orcs. The archmage indeed felt he could assist, as his specialization was in the magic of duplicity. The cost to the orcs was indeed great for he archmage required many rare and expensive items. The few, scattered orcs that remained, banded together in a dire attempt to bring their King back to them. After a ritual which saw an orc life forever sacrificed, the orcs succeeded in their endeavor. The archmage's magical scroll worked, and duplicated Kor seemingly perfectly? or so the orcs hope. Kor the Orc King lives again!