Orcs Raid Moonglow

S.Y. 317.10 (May 06, 2003)
From the scrolls of the Orcs of Kor

Varug, Burz'Burguul, and Lo'Tar were sitting around the fort watching some runties gnaw on some wild wolf bones when Burz decided it was time to stir up some trouble. "Les gu raid da muun citi!" snarled Burz. Always up for a fight the three left for the local moongate. On the way to the gate the orcs decided that since they numbered only 3 (5 by Varug's count) that this would just be a hit and run raid to cause whatever damage could be done before the main force of the Order of the True Wolves came to the city's defense.
As they stepped from the moongate the orcs saw their first target, the OTW had posted a single soldier known as MintyIce to guard the moongate. In a fury of snarling, drooling, and gnashing horror the orcs lept from the encompassing glow of the moongate and charged the scout. Burz fired an arrow which struck home in MintyIce's leg and Lo'Tar planted a battle axe squarely into the shoulder of the enemy but, despite the bleeding, MintyIce was able to ride on into the main city and raise the alarm before retreating to the Lycaeum to regroup with the main defense force.

The orcs knew it would not be long before the city streets of Moonglow were swarming with mages and plate clad warriors looking for blood so they acted quickly. First they rushed to the local mage shop and found Tristan perusing the isles, apparently oblivious to the alarm. Death came swifty to Tristan as Varug expertly used her Katana to sever Tristan's spine while Lo'Tar dealt the death blow with his mighty battle axe.

During this time Burz'Burguul had been scouting the area and returned to report that a presence of OTW was forming at the lycaeum. The orcs quickly made a plan that consisted mainly of, "We clomp dem!" and attacked. The orcs rushed the lycaeum and then stood dumbfounded. Rather than being surrounded by OTW bent on guarding moonglow the orcs were surrounded by nothing more than piles and piles of books. Varug was about to light one of her firebombs and throw it into the books when a magical gate appeared and guardsmen from OTW started to pour out. Knowing they stood no chance of surviving inside the library the orcs ran back to the city to help split up the defenders troops. The plan worked and soon Leiwen Vyanya fell to the orcs. Now the city had rallied up a citizens defense force and the orcs knew it was time to go. With OTW nipping at their heels they made it back to the moongate and dived into it hoping the skygods would spit them out near the Orc fort.

"Beware citizens of Moonglow! Your time is coming and these small raids will turn into an orcish horde that no one can stop!"