Hedge Maze Scenario

Hear ye, hear ye. Brothers and Sisters of the Council of the Nine. Tis with a heavy heart and grave concern that I address thee this day. An evil has befallen our beloved city of Britain. The hedge maze south west of Britain whose evil magic has been held in check by Nadir Entrari of Clan Entrari is now threatened by The Fallen Lords and Dark Circle. As the maze's magic could destroy the world, it is our sworn duty to to protect the maze and to aid Clan Entrari. Most of what we know about the maze comes from Nadir's Relvinian Address to Clan Entrari.

To better understand the mysteries of the Maze Please read
the Stolen Notes of Nadir Entreri

Warning: the magic of the maze is not fully understood. To enter the maze remember this:

To wear steel armor ye must wear a red tribal mask. (or wear bone and leather)

To bear a steal weapon ye must answer the following riddle: I am a creature of Darkness named after a garment worn by he that wields a blade of steel. (or ye must use wood weapons unless you have an executioners cap) (The answer is: "An Executioner's Cap")

No Magic or potions may be used in the Maze. (Ye may gate out of the Maze if ye carry a diamond)