The Defense of Cove

S.Y. 308.2 (June 5, 2001) -- Skara Brae
The Defense of Cove
Author: Clan Longbeard

Last evening, at Cove, Felucca, a band of dwarves hailing from CLB (Clan Longbeard) led an attack on the city of Cove. Upon breaking in entry into the city, they immediately demanded of Dale the guard, and a wandering healer to tell them where the nobles and the mayor were hiding. Their silence, however, showed that they were defiant to Rik Thorak Longbeard, the CLB Sovereign. The force split up to search for them, until one of the members came across Weylin, the Mayor of Cove. He was immediately taken to the docks where he was forced to either swear loyalty to Rik Thorak and Clan Longbeard, or face serious consequences.

Once again, silence. Possibly more fear than just simple outright defiance. The group charged him, and being the coward that he is, he summoned his guards to attack. The four mercenary guards were quick to fall to the ground, leaving only one loss for CLB. After taunting Mayor Weylin, the group fell upon him, and he, too, died that evening.

After the death of the mayor and his guard, the force from CLB returned to the main city. There, his lordship Rik Thorak Longbeard, declared a state of martial law, in the city of Cove, now known as the Dwarvern Nation of Kaladrym. How the amassed forces of orcs will deal with this new force is unknown, but it is very likely that the orcish warlords will naut take kindly to this.

S.Y. 308.2 (June 7, 2001) -- Skara Brae
Received Horrible News from Cove
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Lord Steward Engval

I was informed today that the the dwarven Clan Longbeard led by Rik Thorak Longbeard had attacked and taken control of Cove. Several of those killed in this attack were close friends of mine including Mayor Weylin. I mourn for the families of those slain and fear for their safety in the hands of these mauraders. Were I to give in to a vengeful heart I would raise up an army to bring down upon their dwarven heads, but I fear more for those left in Cove. On top of this there still remains the threat of an orcish invasion.

S.Y. 308.3 (June 9, 2001) -- Skara Brae
Mission Postponed
From The Skara Brae Chimera

By Bellfloret

Due to the heavy magical storm, the scheduled mission to Cove this Friday was postponed. While the town of Skara Brae was relatively quiet, town criers delivered the news of orcs attacking other cities over the shard. Cove was reportedly under siege along with Ocllo.

With the invasion by orcs and the presence of dwarves, the rescue of the townsfolk in Cove is expected to be extremely difficult. This will not be a peaceful escorting service and the aid of skilled warriors and accomplished mages is essential. The rescheduled date for the mission is yet to be announced, and will be posted in the public town forum.


S.Y. 308.3 (June 10, 2001) -- Skara Brae
Mission to Cove Turned Away
From The Skara Brae Chimera

By Lord Steward Engval

Upon the appointed hour it was to be myself and Don who would travel to Cove this day. I opened a gate to the vile city of Vesper to procure a ship for the passage to Cove. Don found such a ship and we sailed for what I hoped was a reunion with my my longtime friends that had remained there. After many hours upon the seas we rounded the lighthouse and sailed into the inlet only to be confronted with a blockade of ships. Upon the deck of one ship rested the king of Clan Longbeard. I was curtly informed that my passage into Cove would not be allowed unless I payed a port fee of 3000 gold. Unprepared for such an occurance, I could not pay. After an hour of fruitless haggling, I was unable to gain entrance to the docks. Seeing my resolve to save my friends provided Rik Longbeard the confidence to raise the price of their freedom to 5000 gold per ship. Utterly defeated Don and I returned to Skara Brae.

I shall try once again to gain my friends' freedom. Sunday night at 9:00 pm PST, I will leave Skara Brae for Cove. I ask that any that wish to aid me in this mission to come forward. Also, until this day I have had no need for large sums of gold, so I humbly ask any citizen for the gold needed to buy our way into Cove.


S.Y. 308.4 (June 12, 2001) -- Skara Brae
Mission to Cove on Sunday
From The Skara Brae Chimera

By Lord Steward Engval

It was a bitter sweet conclusion to my efforts to bring my friends from Cove to safety. The Dwarves remained obstinate in their arrogant demands for payment and to add insult to this we were only allowed a few short hours to gather those who wished to leave Cove. From the onset it was frought with danger and peril. The orcs were in greater numbers this time and it proved nigh impossible to dock the ships. With me were Christoff, Luciana Diviner, Calis, and Caine Asgaroth of the Sosarian Knights. Coming under immediate and intense attack from orc scouts and mages the tillerman of Luciana's ship was killed forcing the ship aground. Christoff and I were in the other ship and we too came under this murderous fire. Our efforts to free the other ship proved futile, so be backed out to deeper water to regroup. Word came that Luciana and her guildmates had made it to shore, but were sorely pressed and greatly outnumbered. Christoff and I were able to gate into the watchtower where we found the stationed guards dispatching any orc that dared come our way. We owe a great debt to these guards who provided us a safe refuge from which we could bring their neighbors to safety.

The couragous Sosarian Knights finally broke free of the savage orcs and we were able to regroup at the watchtower. Much of our time had been eaten away with these battles and with the clock ticking Christoff and the Sosarian Knights scattered throughout the hamlet looking for those we came to save. As I stood upon the cliff overlooking the town, I could see the terrible conflicts waging below. I watched in fear as a Knight was dragged from his mount and marveled at his bravery as he fought his way free only to be brought down by an archer's arrow. The screaming death cries of their mounts filled the air and choked the heart. The death of Luciana's beautiful unicorn was most dreadful to watch and I mourn for its loss.

The end of our time came upon us too suddenly. Rik Longbeard came to us at the watchtower demanding our departure. We had only brought three souls out of Cove by then and needed more time. His greedy, grubby hands extended before him as he sold us more time. We made the best of those few moments and managed to save five more before departing for Skara Brae. With the help of a stranger known only as Drifter, Luciana was able to free her ship before the dwarves confiscated it and make her way back home. We did manage to save eight people from the oppressive occupation, but many more still remain virtual slaves to their conquerors. It was made very clear to us upon our departure that no more would be allowed to leave Cove and even though I had to leave friends behind, I will not forget them, nor will I cease to find a way to save them from their enslavement.


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