Minax's Meeting

S.Y. 319.10 (October 1, 2003)
Minax's Meeting
By Catrick
From UO Stratics

It was a Peaceful day in Britania. The orcs were routed out of Moonglow and the town was rebuilding. This day soon changed for much. Kasin Sevren sent word out to call upon the Royal Guards. A Spy had been caught and given information on the Shadowlords and Minax.

The call came for all Royal Guards to come to Serpents Hold. Many showed up. Kasin looked around, "I have gathered information on Minax and the Shadowlords in a secret meeting. This mission will be extremely dangerous. Anyone that does not wish to come does nay have to."

After a moment later Kasin opened a gate, the Royal Guards went throught the gate. After transporting through the gate we found ourselves in front of the dungeon of Deceit. We moved in quickly into the Dungeon to Find Lady Minax and a host of evil lords in a meeting.

Lady Minax Turned and faced us, "How dare ye interrupt my meeting!!! Kill them I want them dead." She turned and recalled out as the Shadowlords attacked the Royal Guards. The Guards fought fiercely, taking out Eresu and Nickachu quickly. Soon was left only Keeonean and an Ophidian Queen.

It seemed we were having the upperhand when a Guild named the Fallen Lords came charging in to help the Shadowlords. Once Keeonean had fallen Kasin called for an Immediate retreat as the Fallen Lords charged in at the Royal Guards.

What was Minax's meeting all about? Do they have now new allies from the Fallen Lords Guild. Could this new developement mean for the Future of all Britannia. Even with the loss of a few of the Royal Guards the Remaining stand firm ready to fight Minax wherever she is.


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