Orc War Imminent?

S.Y. 319.6 (September 8, 2003)
Orc War Imminent?
By Rourke, Town Cryer Guildmaster
From Britannia News Network

Restless orcs continue to venture beyond traditional tribal borders and harass peaceful Sosarians around the world.

Trinsic locals were recently astonished to witness an orc convoy trampling their neighborhood. While belligerent orc couriers confronted passers-by, Britannian loyalists raced to the scene to maintain order. The area soon exploded into a battlefield, bloody enough that wandering healers were said to have temporarily run out of resurrection supplies.

An official representative of the ruling council was on the scene. Witnesses claimed this representative recovered a hidden note from the orc in charge of the convoy. The note suggested that the orcs were bringing a tribute of gold pieces and magical items to Minax, their Dark Queen.

Lesser officials suggest, off the record, that Britannia may be headed into a war with the orcs, although the ruling council had no official declaration on the subject. Citizens continue to be cautioned against traveling at this time.

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