Recruiting The Royal Guard

S.Y. 319.8 (September 18, 2003)
Recruiting The Royal Guard
By DanGarion
From The PRC

As I stood waiting for the arrival of Lord British at his castle I heard the rumors of recent attacks on the lands of Sosaria. Reports of masses of Orcs attacking cities were spreading far and wide, including the home of the Order of True Wolves, Moonglow. I saw some familiar faces and sat with the Queen of the Elves herself Gwendlyn Firemane. We exchanged or greetings and waited for the Lord... And waited... And waited. Word was sent from a messenger that his arrival was soon and the crowd grew. Soon the castle was packed with citizens of the fair land waiting to hear word from Lord British himself.

The Lord arrived and talked of the atrocities that have happen throughout the lands. He talked of the valiant efforts of those that defended the city of Moonglow from the clutches of the orcs and continued on with an announcement of the formation of the Royal Brittanian Guard.

With that he gave the floor to the commander of this guard a man I personally had never seen but had heard of his brave and honorable deeds in defense of the lands, Kalis Sevren.

Many present immediately showed their support for the Lord and his guard by volunteering. One by one they were brought up and handed a sash to signify their duty.

Those that accepted the respected and honorable job of defending the lands were to walk through the special moongates placed by Lord British's personal mage himself to a place of learning.

I was able to watch as citizens were sworn into the guard. People of all professions, likes and races were accepting their duty. Even some of the Elves themselves swore to assist in the endeavor.

Lord Zed of the Council of Nine attended the announcement and swore to assist, but when I spoke to him later he seemed somewhat skeptical of Lord British's plans.

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