The Royal Guard Wants You!

S.Y. 319.8 (September 18, 2003)
The Royal Guard Wants You!

By Abigail Lia
From Britannia News Network

Lord British, King of Britannia, has constructed a plan to bolster the defense of Moonglow and help rout the evil minions of Minax. Assisting Lord British in this endeavor is the newly appointed Commander of the Royal Guard, recently seen at Lord British’s side when they returned from distant exploring.

“In addition to protecting our king and the ruling council, the Royal Guard shall now include a detachment that acts as a mobile militia, addressing high-level threats against Britannia,” stated Sir Geoffrey, Captain of the Royal Guard. “Our new Commander will be directly responsible for this unit.”

Sir Geoffrey also confirmed that the first order of business for the new Royal Guard is to support the guard force of Moonglow and to protect that city from all threats.

Citizens of Britannia are invited to seek out the new Commander of the Royal Guard and join this new emergency task force.

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