A Secret Revealed

S.Y. 320.7 (November 23, 2003)
A Secret Revealed
By Morwin G'Weaver
From Stratics

The Royal Guard was called into action once again. The town criers let out the familiar cry that the Royal Guard were being summoned to the castle. Once we arrived at the castle the wait was short before Kalis appeared and told us we were to seek out an ancient being.

And what kind of ancient being we would have to discover. Hopefully none will perish this evening he told the guard. Nervous laughter filled the room. Speculation of where we would be traveling went around the room. He explained that we were called at the request of Lord Brittish. And that Lord Brittish had removed an object from the casket of Lord Blackthorn. And that upon inquiry with Lord Brittish about the object they were both quite perplexed about it. It seems that it was a fragment of the Gem of Immortality.

It is unknown how or where Blackthorn had found the crystal. Murmurs once again filled the room. wondering what this could mean. There was an ancient scroll that lord Brittish had found but had never had the chance to pursue. Maybe Kalis said that it would hold the key to finding the Ancient Creature. He placed the scroll upon a shelf for all to read. The scroll contained vague clues in which the guard struggled for answers.


The Guard finally figured out that we were to head to Honor in Ilshenar. But where were we to go? There is a dungeon there one person called out. Yes the Wisp Dungeon another called. Kalis pondered for a moment and said yes we should head there. The Guardsmen spurred their mounts and headed off to the nearest moon gates they could recall or run to. Once there a stampede of horse, ostard, mare, and dragon beat a path to the dungeon. Once inside any creature living was dispatched and the group moved on with lightening pace. Toward the puzzle room was the cry. Once there many had problems making their way across the room. While I was trying to help people get across I got a message from a friend that there was a strange creature down in the Balron room. Upon telling Kalis of this development he said.

Once I had crossed the room. Not waiting anymore on people who wouldn't listen I entered the Balron room and found a strange creature indeed.

It took a long time for the rest of the guard to arrive. After much help from Kalis the guard arrived in the room. The Guard Gathered around the pentagram and started asking the Wisp questions. Then it finally spoke.

Minax a Mother? Who was it that Minax had been secretly having an affair with. Questions filled everyone's mind. Who is the Father of Minax's child? Who was this child? Where is the child? Who is the ones who steal?

Mondain? A gasp from almost everyone in the room. Could it be true that one of the most powerful people to have ever lived have had an affair with Minax? And they had a child? This would mean that the child was very powerful or at least have the potential of being very powerful. Where is the child? Many called out. Kalis asked the Wisp had Blackthorn ever met anyone in this location?

Then the Wisp went crazy it started killing members of the Royal Guard and a large spawn of Gargoyles appeared in the room. The Wisp targeted me and I was firing arrows as quickly as possible. It moved with the speed of a flesh renderer. Although it blows lacked greatly in comparison. I ran around the enclosed room stopping only to fine and moving on again. Healing myself in the process. Many of the Royal Guard were dying around me and I hoped I would not be the only one left alive.

Then the Guard started to take control and someone finally got their Wyrm onto the wisp that was chasing me.  And it was not long before it was defeated. Gold rained down from the heavens and people snatched it up quickly . While roaming around the room I found two strange shards. They were called Shattered Crystal Wisp Fragments. Upon asking Kalis about these he said that upon death the Wisp fragmented and left behind these shards. The guard left the dungeon and headed back to the castle where Kalis said he would have to talk to Lord Brittish about this evenings events. Some asked if he would be handing out sashes and he complied. In which was a very long procession of people who wanted sashes I left. And await to see what the future holds.


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