A Pictorial History of the Brewer's Tale

S.Y. 305.11 (December 21, 2000) -- Skara Hollow
Starring the good folk of Skara Hollow and Skara Brae proper...

By Thomas Pen

A festive night, as many folks gathered at the Keeled Over Pub to celebrate
the Grand Opening of the KoP Museum, and to witness Barkeep and Archie's
attempt to brew the Ale of Life made famous by Brewmeister Juergen Hofbrau.

The Grand Opening of the Knights of Peace Museum, as the Barkeep
gave a not-so-short speech on the history of that venerable guild.

Archie and the Barkeep explained the highly complex,
sensitive procedure that would produce the Ale of Life.

The Barkeep demonstrated the explosive elements that are an essential
step in any successful, or even unsuccessful, brewing process.

When an errant knave flung open the patio door and jostled into the Barkeep,
things began to go awry. The ensuing explosion first took the life of the Barkeep....

....then took the life of his good friend and brewing partner, Archie.

Years passed, and many were the stout-hearted folks who toiled to solve the mystery of the curse that kept the duo from returning to the land of the living. Finally, the ancient brewmeister himself, Juergen Hofbrau, arrived in Skara Hollow to offer a possible solution.

But the answer could only be found in the depths of the evil dungeon Destard.
And so a sturdy band of adventurers, thirteen in all, gathered at the
Keeled Over Pub and made the journey southward to that wretched place.

The adventurers made their way across a large cavernous chamber,
leaving a swath of destruction in their wake. Only a lone pig would survive.

Mustering their courage, they drew straws to determine
who would first descend into the bowels of the dungeon.

This time, the denizens of Destard would have their way.

Yet, with their numbers dwindling, the adventurers boldy strode down into the deepest level of the dungeon, fighting and dying against that most vile of creatures, the ancient wyrm. In the midst of the fighting, it was the brave Zed who spotted the scratchings on the wall that revealed the solution to breaking the curse. His comrades bravely defended Zed whilst he hastily copied the words into a book, then he plunged his dagger into the wyrm so as to fill a vial with the creature's blood.
Having found the answer they had so desperately sought, the band retreated back to the Keeled Over Pub to see if the curse could be shattered. Swallowing some ale and the wyrm's blood, Zed attempted a resurrection, and...

The curse was broken!! Archie and the Barkeep were returned to this land, and it took
no time at all for the two friends to resume their rightful places on either side of the bar.

A tree was decorated to commemorate the Holly Days,
and to celebrate the bonds of friendship.

The End. Or... is it?