The End

S.Y. 311.8 (Frebuary 10, 2002)
The End
By Archie
Skara Hallow

With sadness I come here to announce that the Village of Skara Hollow is no more. The Keeled Over Pub has been empty and quiet for months. I go there now and then to dust the bar, and brush the cobwebs from the corners.
The town hall has not seen a meeting of the elders in so long that the chair cushions have all hardened from lack of use. The museum on the first floor is still open, but the curator has no interest in keeping the tomes free from mold and mildew. Hopefully the sweet Skara air will keep them safe for many years to come.

The temple had not lent spiritual guidance to a single Sosarian in so long, that it was torn down. The bowery fell down all on its own, from lack of repair. The workshop is now under new management. The current owner is far too lazy to craft, so the vendor has been relieved of his contract.

*looks down gravely*

But enough talk about the village's once proud dwellings. Without those who once dwelled in them, there is no sense in pretending that the buildings themselves hold any meaning.

For it is with much sadness, and a heavy heart, that I come to inform you that the Barkeep and his good friend Bonestripper have been lost at sea. It was some time ago that they set sail on a final adventure before retiring. Today I received word from an old fisherman from Yew that the ship they were sailing floundered in a fierce storm. Parts of the boat might have washed ashore; I go there now to investigate myself. The bodies of the Barkeep and Bonestripper have not been found, and I fear that the foul beasts of the sea have enjoyed them as a snack. Imagine trying to chew on the wrinkled hide of the Barkeep, and find solace that whatever beast ate his corpse must have had one bad case of heartburn.

Ole man Noonian finally went crazy, and wandered off to the south in search of the long lost Miss Kitty. Alas, the poor old chap went wandering alone, without a weapon or proper gear. He has not been seen or heard from in weeks, and I don't think he shall be returning.

The next time any of you look out across the northern seas of Skara, I ask that you take a moment to remember our friend the Barkeep. The many years of friendship and camaraderie he and I shared will be remembered by me forever. Without the efforts of the Skara Brae community, we could never had enjoyed our time in Sosaria as much as we did, and I sincerely thank all of you who participated in our adventures. I know he would too.

Goodbye Barkeep, Bonestripper, and Noonian. May you rest in peace.

*wipes away a tear and hurries away, before anyone can see the proud archer cry*