The Elven Federation ally with the Freehold

S.Y. 308.10 (July 19, 2001)
The Elven Federation ally with the Freehold once again!
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Christoff Aragon, Ambassador of the Freehold

To explain my new title, an explanation is in order. Last week, the Riders of the Elements was disbanded, as my GM, Dalmar Highblade, thought it was time for us all to find our own paths. We may be disbanded, but we are all still good friends. This is my only say on that matter. Earlier this week, I read of the many problems involving the Freehold, the Elven Federation, and others. It seemed to me that all of the meetings never accomplished anything. Since I had no current plans and I wanted to do something to help, I approached Lord Engval to offer my services as a go-between with all groups dealing with the Freehold. Engval agreed. making me Skara's official ambassador. He then gave me my first duty. After so many months since the debacle with the Elven Federation, he wanted to make amends with them and reopen the Alliance. I agreed and sent a missive to the elven leader, Sarlock Longbow.

He contacted me right back and wished to open a dialogue. But first, he had a duel to complete. Seems that Elryc of PLO wanted to fight him for a smear of honor or some such. I was asked to be a witness. I accepted and watched Sarlock beat his opponent twice in a row. After the battle, we went to the city of Nujel'm to talk. I was surprised that Sarlock right away said that it was time for the Federation and Skara to become allies again. We both agreed it was the work of a few, not the leaders of each side, that were at fault. I suggested that he show up at the next council meeting. He said he would check his schedule. Then our talk turned to a dire event, the attacks on the Gathered Spirits Tavern by Ty'orthor and his new Coalition of Destruction. Sarlock agreed that he must be stopped. I mentioned that I knew him for the longest time. I said if possible I would talk to him to see if he would stop his attacks and find out why he is doing it. Sarlock said, if needed, he would lend the Federation to protect against the demon lord.

After our talks, he asked if I wanted to come with him to the Federation's castle. One of their number, Kiara Brightmoon, was having a birthday party. I agreed, and off we went. I must say that this castle was the most wondrous I have ever seen. I greeted my hosts in their own language, thanks to my wife's teachings. Their smiles told me I was accepted. I watched their games, like elven dice, and drunken darts. I also saw Katherina Hailstar, who was involved in a murder of Brother John of Jhelom. She was terrified of going back to Skara, thinking everyone wanted to kill her. After talking to their Queen, I was promised if I could guarantee her protection if she came to Skara to testify. I promised to talk to Engval about it.

At the end of the night, before I left, the elves gave me an honor given to few humans. They made me a Sha'Quessir, or Elf-Friend. I humbly thanked them for the honor and headed for home with the good news for the Freehold. I feel that things are about to get better for Skara.

S.Y. 308.11 (July 23, 2001)
The Council of the Freehold of Skara Brae meets
with King Sarlock Longbow of the Elven Federation
By Zed – Keeper of the Tome

Twas with high hopes and a spirit of re-unification that the Council of the Freehold of Skara Brae, lead by Lord Steward Engval, made journey to the castle the Elven Federation to meet with King Sarlock Longbow. Our party included Chancellor Sam, Ambassador Christoff Aragon and myself. An honor guard lead by the Lady Luciana Diviner of the Sosarian Knight Templars, escorted us to Trammel without incident.

Upon exiting the moongate I did immediately sense great power and magic emanating from the castle that rose a short distance to the northwest. Our guard surveyed the area with practiced expertise as they wordlessly secured the area and bid us to continue to the castle doors.

We were brought without delay into the castle to meet King Sarlock Longbow. The King introduced us to many delegates and representatives of the Elven Federation. It was apparent that the people of the Federation were pleased at our arrival. We were at once at ease. After the introductions the King led us to the banquet hall. Lord Steward Engval spoke of our wishes for re-unification and our hopes for continued peace. The King invited us to sit and then began a speech which he had prepared in our honor.

After his speech King Sarlock Longbow bid us dine with him as his guests. I dare say that I have not seen more food and drink in all me days. We ate delicate Elven dishes and drank of the finest wines. We talked of the coming moongate faire and of our hopes for the future. In the end all were in good spirits and we left with new friendships and renewed trust.