Ty'orthor declares war on Elven Order

S.Y. 309.3 (July 5, 2001) -- Skara Brae
Ty'orthor declares war on Elven Order
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Christoff, Consul-General

After hearing reports that the Demon Lord Ty'orthor was back to his old tricks, I tried to reach him to ask him about this, including the attacks on the Gathered Spirits Tavern.

I finally got a chance to talk to him. He met me in the Councillor's Hall in Skara, then opened a moongate to his tower on Avatar Isle. Along with him were 3 members of his guild, Heralds of Darkness, White Star(a former member of EO), Niko, and Nebekinanzer.

He was the same as I remembered him, always polite, but the red eyes reminded me of the evil he was now a part of. He told me that he was planning his return to glory by declaring war on the Elven Order. I told him that the Order were to be our allies, after negotiations were completed, and that the Freehold must stand with them.

He laughed saying that the Order was being ripped apart by internal strife, and being stationed in Trammel has made them soft. White Star would comment on this, saying that EO was no threat to them, as he knows Sarlock,EO's leader, is not up to the task of his job. (I, as does the council after meeting with Sarlock, in no way agree with that last statement)

Ty'orthor then ask the Freehold to do one of two things. Either we stay neutral in the coming war, meaning no support for or sheltering EO within the Freehold, or allow HOD be its guardians and protect it.

I explained to him that I must go to the full council with this if a decision is to be made. and with the elections a week away, this must be taken up after them. He said he would allow this, but wanted an answer soon. He also said if the Freehold either supports or protects any EO member within our borders, then we will face retaliation from HOD. After saying farewell, he open a moongate back to Skara to allow me to leave.

It is my personal belief that any threats made by Ty'orthor should never be taken lightly. I hope that myself and the council can come up with a solution to everyone's benefit. A war between EO and HOD can only bring disaster in its wake.