New Council Members are Elected

S.Y. 309.4 (August 25, 2001)
New Council Members are Elected
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Bellfloret

On Saturday, August 25th Saturday, the Forth Election of the Skara Brae Town Council was held in the Town Hall. There was a huge turnout, and a total of 45 citizens were registered and voted for their new leaders. After the poll was closed, the registrar, Erik Strongbow, counted ballots in another room. He announced the result to public. The new offices are as listed below.

Steward --- Engval
Chancellor of Gentry --- Zed
Chancellor of Commons --- Chessentra Xeran
Chancellor of Judiciary --- Jackalblade
Consul-General --- Christoff

Among five positions, only the office for Judiciary had more than one candidate, and it was reputed to be a close race. Jackalblade won 22 votes and George won 17.

There will be an inaugural reception in two weeks to welcome the new council to their positions. The details of the reception will be announced by Lord Steward at a later date.