100th Running of the Angus McKey Regatta

307.5 S.Y. (Apr. 7, 2001) -- Skara Brae
The Crew of the Magery Werker wins the 100th Angus McKey Regatta
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Arlas Wickes, Chimera Reporter

Twas a poor showing for the 100th Anniversary running of the Angus McKey Regatta. Only two brave captains and crew showed up to test their skills against the sea and each other. The race was to be between Captain Ash Kaitlyn and her crew (Brutus, Larissa, and Cecil) of the Magery Werker against Captain Aithne and the Snarfari Birtingr. This year the race was to retrace the route taken during the historic voyage of Captain McKey.

Aithne proved swifter of foot than brutus in the foot race from the docks to the Ranger's Hall. There at the Hall they searched through a stack of crates for the one which their key did unlock. Within were supplies for Lord British's Army and the map and journal entry to the first checkpoint. By being the swiftest, Aithne was allowed to leave the starting line a ship's length ahead of the other. Inexperience soon caught up with Aithne and he drifted off course and allowed Captain Ash to sail into the lead. The crew of the Magery Werker held a widening lead throughout the race around Ocllo, past Buc's Den and north through Lock Bay. At the farthest end of Lock Bay they made a mad dash with the crate to Malphane's Fort at the crossroads of the Britain/Vesper roadways. Once delivered they sailed back to port in Skara Brae. For their efforts the winning crew was awarded 70 thousand gold coins and a glacial staff went to the Captain. Captain Aithne was awarded 30 thousand gold coins and a SOS message for his determination to finish the race despite the impossible lead. Thanks to those who entered the race and showed the same determination and commitment that were the hallmarks of McKey and his crews.

Thanks also go out to Lady Sam and Master Arlas Wickes for their efforts in organizing the race.

In a related story Captain Aithne dismissed his tillerman Bob today. Said Captain Aithne, when queried abut the incident, "He be a lazy good fer nothing landlubber of a sailor."

It is expected that Captain Aithne will be looking for a new tillerman on the marrow.