Orcs of KOR Burn Town Hall

S.Y. 305.2 --Skara Brae
A Report of the Damage by the Fire
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Arlas Wickes

Late last Wednesday an alarm sounded throughout Skara Brae that the town hall was on fire. Guards and citizens responded but were met by a raiding party of Orks who slew several guards and sent the unarmed citizens running. Smoke billowed out from the shattered windows of the Town Hall filling the streets with its acrid smell. Several other buildings suffered minor roof damage from torches tossed upon them by the departing Orkish party. With the Orks gone, the citizens rushed to the Town Hall where they fought down the blazes within. By early morning the damage done to the Town Hall could be seen. Blackened soot stained the outside walls but the stout stucco walls had withstood the fire within. Inside was not such a pleasant sight. Two charred bodies lay within with their heads caved in by the repeated blows of an orcish mace. Most of the furniture and books were destroyed in the blaze and scorch marks stained the walls and ceilings.

All the citizens of Skara Brae joined in to clean out and clean up the mess made by the fire. The carpenters from the Builder's Delight brought furniture and boards and made short work of repairing and replacing the damaged interior. Citizen's donated books and decorations from their own homes and shops to replace those that were consumed by the fire. By the end of the week the Town Hall looked as good as new and ready to serve the town's needs. Many thanks goes out to all the citizens who helping in the rebuilding and redecorating of the Town Hall.

The joy of seeing the town come together in rebuilding the Town Hall is dampened by the losses the town suffered on that night. For in this raid we lost seven of our friends and neighbors. On Saturday the bodies of the town guards Gregory, Justin, Nester, Phyllis and Abel, and the bodies of Martin the architect and the mage Solomon were taken to Druid Camp and their spirits released to the winds. They shall be missed by all.