Orc Expansion Continues

305.9 S.Y. -- Yew
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Arlas Wickes

In recent days the orcish forces of King Kor have continued to push the expansion of their borders. Their efforts northward towards Yew were halted by the valiant and determined army of the Elven Order. In a pitched battle the Elves drove back the Orcish advance and held firm the border. Deterred, but not defeated King Kor led his army westward around the Spider Mountains to lay claim to the lands all the way to the sea. Wide spread carnage followed in the army's tracks as they killed all manner of beings that they encountered.

Without Lord British's army, the lands have been opened up to such hostile expansionism. We in Skara Brae still face the possibility of more hostile action by the Orcs. With the disputed Druid Camp still claimed by King Kor, it provides a too close launching point for any southward plans of the Orcs. Tis wise to look warily upon any Orcs within the Freehold and any who travel within Kor's kingdom are warned of the dangers and must be well prepared to either fight, flee or pay the Orc's tribute.