The Order of Mercaerin

S.Y. 307.5 -- Skara Brae
ELF, and the Current Situation
By August West, Commander of Federation Forces

Vendui' Everyone,

The last few days have been busy for me, and it is true I have had a strange visitor. Ravens have always followed me through mine life, and they are the bringers of fate. I have been visited by two ravens, and the fates seems to wish for us to move. Last evening, I was informed by a network of spies, that Darlock, Leader of the Circle, would be allying himself with the Order. These human scoundrel have plagued the forrest which surround this world, though have been beaten into hiding by the Federation. They are a powerful lot, and I prayed they had been dispatched with. Mine prayers went unanswered.

Darlock, once an ally in the Great Elven Kinslayer, has allowed ambition to consume him. Even after the conclusion of the war, he sought to take it further. I issued a statement that the Federation would remain neutral, but the Order threat has raised the bar. This cannaut be allowed to continue, for the safety of all elven.

It is under these circumstances that I will use mine influence to extend a council seat to ELF. This seat had been retracted durring the kinslayer, but we now will leave the past die. There is a threat to naut only our cousins in ELF, but to all the Realms. Now is the time for unity, and the Federation will carry the banner for all of our nations. There is also the matter of slaves taken by Darlock. It is with great sadness that I say that Lord Sylban gave himself freely to Darlock to free our cousin. Darlock fixed a collar arround his throat, which distorts his rational thinking and free will. These slaves must be freed. I ask the Dwarves, long known for their powers in wielding magics in iron, to aid us. We elves know much of magics, melee, but only little of magic iron. We shalt need thy assistance in freeing the ones who are oppressed.

I shall also say to the Elven Federation, the Wolf Federation, and other esteemed allies of the Greater Federations, that Lord Sel'rac lives. He is in dire straights, and again needs our assistance. He is the only solid link to defeating the Order, and possibly ending the deamonic threat to the realms. I cannaut saw how I have this information, but I trust it with mine life.

To ELF, I speak for the Federation, and most notably EKR, in saying that peace must come between us. There is a rift that has been left by the bloody battles, but now is the time to let peace reign supreme. I have spoken to Sarlock, and we shall put all differences away. We shall heal our rift through the blood of our enemies.

We shall lend any and all aid to thee in thy war effort, and our smithies shall aid in refitting thy warriors. Ambition can be a blessing, but in this case, Darlock's ambition is a curse. Our two realms will again walk as one.

For the Honor of the Elven Realm

(Originally posted in the OPRA Forum on Apr. 4, 2001)