The Order of Mercaerin

S.Y. 307.6 (April 13, 2001) -- Skara Brae
A Dark meeting.
From The OPRA General Forum
By An Elven Scribe, In service to August West

An icy wind swept the land, and the moon hung low in the spring sky. The forest seemed unnaturally quiet, cepting a quiet crunch of footsteps. Slowly and carefully, the footsteps draw near, and soon the hard breathing of a mount can be heard as well. The pair immerged out of the tree line, one figure shorter with pointed ears and features, and the other on the mount is large and brawny. They move towards the great keep, and seem to be looking for someone, or something.They walk slowly around the exterior of the might court, searching for some access to the roof. Teleportation magics were tried, but nothing can seem to grant them access to their destination.

They joke with each other, chuckling about the pair they make. The cloud cover moves along, and the identity of the pair is seen, Keeper August West and Lord Dux Morningstar. They search for a way up, but to no avail. Suddenly, a blue portal appears, and someone orders them into it. August and Dux comply, and are teleported to their intended destination.Now there is seen a third figure the one who cast the gate up. The pair thanked the strange man, dressed all in Grey and wearing a skull for his helmet. The figure, called Avery by Keeper West, returns the thanks for allowing him to sit in on the event. Now all three wait, and are soon greeted by a fourth man, pale as the moon but clearly suffering from the red plague. All three welcome their guest, an old ally to the Elven Federation and traitor to the Order, Selrac.The meeting has now begun, and they inquire about their allies’ health. He had naut been seen since the last major battle with the Order, and many thought him to be dead. He assured them that reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated, though he has to keep moving to ensure his continuance. The triad was pleased that at the very least he was alive, and renewed their pact to protect him from his old realm with their lives. He too was pleased, and they moved to the matter at hand.

The main focus of this meeting was to discover how to destroy the Order once and for all. Many dark realms had allied with the fiends, and it was felt if they could be dispatched with, the others would follow suit. Selrac did naut have a definite way to destroy them, but he did mention that the Order seemed to be weakening. August, upon hearing this, examined his friend, and does notice that his color is slowing turning from the pale white of a demigod to the more natural color of a human. Selrac confirmed this, and noted that those of the Order had been going through a similar change. Some major event in the lands had sapped the fiends of their power, and they slowly were weakening. Tried as they might, they could naut pin point what would do this, but the session was broken up by unexpected visitors.

The first visitor was the drow Brador, ally to the men and cousin to August. The situation was explained to him, and he joined in trying to ascertain what caused the weakening. The second group of visitors was naut as hospitable. A patrol of Order, led by their wench, stormed the meeting, and attempted to slay Selrac. His escape was guarded by the elves and the wolf, though Keeper West was struck unconscious by an ax. During his semi aware sleep, he heard the woman scowl about a wasted trip to the land of milk and honey. August struggled to regain his stature, as this meant she had been to Trammel, and that could mean the stakes were raised. He was aware of her departure, and the goodly wolf aided his return to life.

A contingent of wolves descended on the court, summoned by Lord Dux. They began to patrol the area for any lingering hostiles, while another group stayed to guard the Federation leaders. Avery had spoken with the wench, and had learned of their supposed trip. August was visible shaken by his words, and begged his allies to aid him search for a way to end their reign. All were quick to agree, and they began to set out for their homelands. Lord Fox, August’s ambassador, joined his brother, and was about to leave when something tugged at the Keeper’s cloak.

Fox was the first to notice the creature, a small black raven, trying to gain West’s attention. West turned to find the raven, and quickly fed it. He knew this creature well, and checked it over for something. Naut finding what he searched for, August asked the creature about his needs. He only responded with a caw, and circled the party. Lord Fox noticed an injury on the raven, and they attended to it. Still the creature tugged at the elf’s cloak, wanting something more. It seemed somehow saddened, and the elder elf knew why. Explaining the reasons to his brother, he asked if a gate would be opened to the land of the elves. Fox complied, and the raven flew quickly in, followed closely by Fox and West.Once back at in the land of the elves, the raven again tugged at the Keeper’s cloak. August, stirred by compassion for the lonely creature, wrapped it in his cape, and fed it once more. He moved the makeshift nest where it would be safe, and watched over it till sleep came. The day had been long, and the two elves found themselves following suit.

In service to August West.