The Order of Mercaerin

S.Y. 307.9 (May 2, 2001) -- Skara Brae
Just When You Thought It Safe.
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Lady Sam

I was sitting in my shop, as I am known to do, and Lord Lothair Maltus, of the Order road by. Interested in what he was doing in Skara Brae, I walked out side and took a seat at Joh's as he offered me bread and water. He was very polite and asked if I had heard any thing of Selrac, his sworn enemy. I told him that I had not seen or heard from Selrac in a Bears age, and did not know his were abouts. He said that he was again on the search for Selrac and that we would again pay the price if Selrac was not found.

With that Lord Lothair road off to the east and I returned to the shop, it wasn't within minutes that a deadly spawn of vile creatures did happen. Trapped in the shop, I let lose all my young birds with messages to all I knew. Soon a very fine group was on the roads and trails of Skara Braefighting the undead. Once I had gained my wits about me, I did venture out side and was attacked by a Skeletal Knight, and as in the norm for such things I lay on the ground very quickly. With the aid of several about the battle I was able to regain by wits and help in the final fights with the undead. As the Skeletal Knight was finally defeated. Lord Lohair returned and explained that we were the, hmmm, sheep in his trap to bring Lord Selrac out of hiding. While polite in his discussions it was obvious that he still holds great powers and that the battles in the future will be hard.


S.Y. 307.10 (May 4, 2001) -- Skara Brae
The Attack Continues
From The Skara Brae Chimera
By Lady Sam

Last evening, Lord Lothair Maltus again visited Skara Brae. After a short meeting with Lady Sam and Lady Joann Witch at the Joh's Creb Sheck, he departed, leaving a horde of undeads, reapers, dire wolves and snakes. Soon many citizens arrived to beat off the attack, and the tentative peace was brought back. However, we must expect long and harsh battles ahead of us.

S.Y. 307.10 (May 7) -- Skara Brae
A New Message Arrives From Lord Selrac
From The Skara Brae Chimera

by Lord Steward Engval

Yesterday Lady Sam received a message borne by Caw, the raven that belongs to Lord Selrac. In this missive, Lord Selrac assured us that he is safe and doing well under the circumstances. He also expressed his concern and guilt towards the suffering we are experiencing under the threats of Lord Lothair and his Order. In return we sent a message back with Caw to reassure Lord Selrac that we remain strong and determined to stand against whatever threats Lord Lothair may unleash.

It is important to remember that we are only the beginning of Lord Lothair's plans for Sosaria and that if we do not stop him then others will pay an even greater price than the one we pay here. Remain strong in your courage, fight hard with valor, and give honor to those that stand beside you.