Time Line
The year is now: 331 S.Y.

S.Y. = Sosarian Year. One Britannian year is 2.4 months on Earth. The release of Ultima Online was the year 289. One Earth year after, in 294, new lands were discovered and the 2nd Age began. There are 876 days in a Sosarian year divided between 12 months of 73 days each.

Thanks to Arlas Wickes for his generosity, dedication to knowledge and research.


320.7 Lord Blackthorn Memorial Service Held by King - (More)
320.6 The Council detects a cange in Magicks emanating from the Abyss - (More)
319.12 Minax found to be in league with the Fallen Lords. - (More)
319.5 Lord British Returns! - (More)
318.7 Blackthorn Defeated! - (More)
317.10 The Orcs of Kor Raid Moonglow. - (More)
316.12 Sardel of Skara Brae goes Missing. - (More)
316.5 A Cease Fire is requested by the Freehold Council. Tentative acceptance by some members of the opposing forces marks a possible end to hostilities. – (More)
316.4 The Dark Alliance attains victory in Skara Brae! - (More)
316.2 War becomes apparant for the Freehold of Skara Brae. - (More)
315.9 The Ancient Order of Elves declare Eldador as the home of the elves. - (Map)
315.8 The Wizard Clainin discovers a mysterious Dark Facet while studying the Gem of Immortality. - (More)
313.12 King Kor of the Orks of Kor is duplicated by an ork shaman. - (More)
312.12 The decay around Yew spread and turned much of the area into swamp land. From the earth itself rose plague beasts that consumed all that crossed its path. It is revealed that the decay can be turned if a cure is applied to the plague trees found in the Yew swamps. The trees were cured and the plague was stopped however Yew remains a swamp. - (More)
312.9 A rotting smell has permeated much of Sosaria on both the Felucca and Trammel facets. The source of this rotting is the result of new creatures spotted in the land. Called boglings and bog things, they are a convoluted mass of vegetation and decaying corpses. This decay is the result of a spell gone wrong that was cast by the Meer Eternal, Adranath. - (More)
312.8 The invasion intensifies as more Juka and Dragoons are amassing in the same cities as last month.A new attack is launched against Minoc. - (More)
312.7 The Juka attack Britannia. Jhelom and Papua in Felucca are attacked by Juka and a new dragon-riding Dragoon. Yew, Papua and Trinsic in Trammel are also attacked. - (More)
312.5 Spring Tide Bazaar is a success. - (More)
312.0 Lord Blackthord Expands his plan to take over Sosaria. The war between the Meer and Jukan Spreads to Yew. - (More)
311.8 The Barkeep of Skara Hollow is lost at sea. - (More)
311.6 Richard, Doom of Fools is defeated by Engval in a mortal battle. - (More)
311.4 Another new race appears in Ilshenar.These are the feline-like Meer. - (More)
311.1 Ty'orther Fights the Elves - (More)
310.5 The sudden appearance of a large castle bearing the symbol of Chaos appears in Ilshenar.From it comes a new threat to Sosaria.The Juka, a reptilian looking race of warriors begin securing a base in Ilshenar. Through books found on a new creature called a betrayer, it is discovered that Lord Blackthorn has betrayed Britannia and is now leading the Jukan aggression.
310.5 Court Mage Nystul builds a tower that revealed "magic gatherer" towers placed throughout Sosaria by the Overlords. Destruction of these towers allowed Sosarian forces to enter the gargoyle city in Ilshenar and defeat the Exodus' Overlords. The gargoyle city of VerLorReg was freed. In gestures of gratitude the city was opened to Sosarians and the new skills of glassblowing and masonry were revealed. - (More)
310.4 The ghost of Hollo is released. - (More) - (More)
310.2 On old foe of Skara Brae Returns. Richard has kidnaped Chentelle and declared war on the Freehold of Skara Brae - (More)
309.11 A new opening in Ilshenar has revealed where the golems and their controllers are coming from. A new city was discovered that appears to indicate a society of gargoyles. The gargoyles seem to be the slaves of the human controllers. Savage villages were also found there. - (More)
309.9 Strangely robed mages appear in the land. The mages command clockwork elementals that protect strange power generators. To attempt to solve the puzzle of the generators is to invite danger. - (More)
309.6 The Inaugural Reception for the new Council of the Freehold of Skara Brae is held on the mainland. - (Pic)
309.4 The Fourth Town Council of the Freehold of Skara Brae is Elected. - (More)
309.3 Ty'orthor declares war on Elven Order. - (More)
308.12 Moongate Race Turns into a Search for the Spoon of Skara Brae. - (More) - (More)
308.12 The Fourth Annual Skara Brae Moongate Faire is held in Skara Brae. - (More)
308.10 The Elven Federation ally with the Freehold of Skara Brae. - (More)
308.10 An emissary of the Church in Jhelom seeks the arrest of the alleged murderer Miss Katherina Hailstar. - (More)
308.7 Clan Long Beard withdraws from Kaladrym. - (More)
308.7 Strange humans have driven orcs around the realm from there homes. - (More)
308.2 The Freehold of Skara Brae defends Cove as Orc Attacks increase and the Dwarves of Clan Longbeard siege the city. - (More)
307.12 A gathering is held in Skara Brae for the ex-seers of the realm.- (More)
307.10 Rumors of orc sightings and talk of missing sheep has been spreading throughout the land. - (More) - (Pic)
307.9 Lord Lothair Maltus, of the Order of Mercaerin returns to Skara Brae to resume his search for Lord Selrac Ca'rek. - (More)
307.7 Nadir Entrari of Clan Entrari Dies. - (More)
307.6 August West meets with Lord Selrac Ca'rek for the first time since he is hidden to discuss plans to defeat The Order. - (More)
307.5 The Spring Tide Bazaar Banquet is largest ever. - (Pic)
307.5 100th Running of the Angus McKey Regatta. - (More)
307.5 August West, Commander of the Elven Federation Forces, calls for the unity of all elves in the struggle against The Order. - (More)
307.3 Winthrop Fenwick survives the "Forever Dead" spell. - (More)
307.2 Scholars begin releasing documents concerning the history of Ilshenar. - (More)
307.1 GUMbus Discovers the terrible truth about Skara Brae hams. - (More)
306.7 The scholar Gilforn creates a permanent Moongate to another world. - (More)
306.7 Nystul sends Dupre and Shamino across the lands of Felucca in search of the Principle artifacts. The Book of Truth and the Candle of Love are held by Nystul. The Bell of Courage is found destroyed.- (More)
306.7 Revlo, cult leader of the Shadowlords confronts Nystul. - (More)
306.2 The Order of Mercaerin brings death and strife to Skara Brae. Unable to defeat the defenders, they look to thin the ranks by signing pacts with the Orcs and the City of the Damned. Lord Selrac is persuaded to turn against the Order and slays Lord Lothair. The Elves spirit Selrac away to sanctuary. - (More) - (More) - (More) - (More)
305.11 The Barkeep of Skara Hollow attempts to find the Brewmeister's lost recipe. - (More)
305.10 Civil War shatters the remains of Britannia. The factions of the Shadowlords and Minax launched attacks across the breadth of Britannia. Unprepared the True Britannians and the Council of Mages were unable to prevent the attacks.
305.9 The Orcs of Kor expand their claim upon lands extending towards Yew and the Grim Coast. - (More)
305.6 Skara Brae is menaced by the Shadow Dragon, Blight and her kin. Many warriors and innocents were killed during the attacks. A gold dragon named Blaze was brought to Skara Brae to help in the battle and finally defeats Blight.
305.2 A raiding party of Orks set fire to the Skara Brae town hall causing extensive damage. Several guards and townspeople were killed in the raid. - (More)
305.1 The Orks of Kor occupied the island called Druid Camp off the coast of Skara Brae. The Freehold militia was defeated in two battles and the Orks maintained control over the island. - (More)
304.7 The Golden Dragon Blaze agrees to help the community of Skara Brae fight the Shadow Dragon Blight.- (Pic)
304.4 The council begins studies and research into the creation of Etheral creatures. - (Pic)
304.1 After receiving a majority support of its citizens, the town of Skara Brae separated itself from the rule of Lord British and established the Freehold of Skara Brae. - (More)
303.12 For two weeks the area near the Gathered Spirits Tavern became a battlefield. A large orcish army had invaded the area seeking something from within the Tavern. The Orc King Grubl'Krak was finally slain and the orcish army defeated.
303.8 Battle of Cheese Hill. A large force of Ratmen led by a "Red" Ratman attacked the Northern side of Britain. The attack was concentrated around the Green Griffon Inn. The Britannians were successful in driving off this army and killing its leader.
302.8 Court Mage Nystul cast a powerful magic spell that creates a copy of Sosaria. By use of moonstones Lord British and many others retreat to this new land. The process of the spell caused blight and death to some citizens leaving Old Sosaria in chaos. - (More)
302.6 Court Mage Nystul constructs mysterious stones through out the realm. - (More)
302.3 Raids by the undead minions of Minax assaulted the town of Skara Brae. The commander of this new threat is believed to be another lich named Gal'Thik.
302.3 The Orc King, Kor was declared missing and presumed dead after 20 days. He had traveled to the new lands in an attempt to eliminate the threat the Dark Orcs held against his clan. The Durgoths have taken over the leadership of the clan.
302.3 The Virtue Shrines of Compassion, Honesty, Humility, Justice, and Spirituality were corrupted by death vortexes summoned by Minax.
302.3 The capture of Lord British turns out to have been a ruse. Lord Shamino had assumed the place of Lord British and was taken prisoner to learn more of Minax's plans. - (More)
302.2 The City of the Damned was overgrown with corpsers. This plant invasion was led by a black demon named Harit. The demon Harit and his summoned minions were finally defeated.
302.1 Lord Dupre leads the attack against Juo'nar and Trinsic. After a hard fought battle Trinsic is retaken. Two other armies attack and defeat the enemy forces in Vesper and Cove.
301.10 Lord British is captured by the forces of Minax whilst traveling to Yew. Lord Dupre takes command of the Britannian forces in his absence.
301.7 Trinsic falls under the assault of undead. Pockets of defenders remain in an effort to regain the city. It is discovered that the Dark Mistress is known as Minax. A name linked back to a young child who apprenticed under Mondain.
301.6 The pressure upon the besieged cities increases. The attacks on Britain are being led by a woman known as Malabelle. She is a grandmaster mage and leads the ratmen and lizardmen. Cove is being attacked by headless and gazers lead by a greenish tinted gazer fiend named Kaltar. Vesper is being attacked by an army of trolls led by G'Ruagak. Trinsic is on the verge of collapsing under the assault of undead led by the liche Juo'nar. The raids on Yew are being led by Keeonean.
301.3 Attacks are increasing in frequency against the towns of Britain, Cove, Trinsic, Moonglow, Vesper and Yew. Britain has been besieged by ratmen and lizardmen. Cove has been assaulted by orcs and headless. Trinsic and Moonglow are being overun by undead. Vesper is constantly under attack by trolls. Yew has been inundated by orcs and mongbats. In several instances creatures from the new lands have found their way into Britannia and have attacked the cities.
301.1 Lord Nicolus Travels the Realm Bearing Gifts. He is abducted by Keeonean but is later valiantly rescued.
300.9 Aithne and Zed discover the Icelandic Floating Community. Ernst recounts the tale of the IFC's history. - (Pic)
300.0 Celebration of Mondain's defeat (300th Sosarian Year).
298.8 Festival of Masks in Nujel'm is tainted by murder and conspiracy
298.4 Zed is rescued from his inter-dementional imprisonment by the council. - (Pic)
298.3 Zed's disapears while conducting experiments with moongates.
298.1 The Battle at the Docks. The Citizens of Skara Brae stood before the docks to prevent Lady Death and her minions from entering and claiming Skara Brae as their own.
298.1 A cabal of evil mages disable the guards of Moonglow and cause havoc and chaos.
298.0 Isfg is inducted as Grand Master Mage by the council's elders.
297.8 Clan Entrari Takes over Relvinian's Maze - (More)
297.12 Zed is inducted as Grand Master Mage by the council's elders.
297.8 The Lich Lord Thanatos brings an evil Death Knight to life from a corps in the Yew Crypts. - (Pic)
297.8 Sir Kelamore is inducted as Grand Master Mage. He is ascended to the Elders of the council. - (Pic)
297.6 The Council Grieves for Anastasia's lost twins Ballad and Lyric.- (Pic)
297.5 The Council Defends Anastasia from the Evil Thulsa Doom. Anastasia is double crossed. Thulsa Doom somehow gains control of the minds of some of the defenders and attacks Anastasia's escort party. The baby twins are killed. - (Pic)
295.4 Anastasia's twins Ballad and Lyric are Kidnaped by Thulsa Doom. He demands the Book of Jou'Nar as ransom.
297.10 Trinsic guards are poisoned and the city was attacked by a clan of orcs.
297.7 Orcs attack Buccaneer's Den by ship.
295.12 After a chase through Britannia, Mariah, Julia and the leader of the FoA are found in Dungeon Shame by Halston Montil and a party of adventurers helping him. They get to the Leader just in time to save him from the wrath of G'Thunk, the infamous troll, but Julia is killed in the short fight that follows.
295.9 The nature of the black pentagrams is revealed as wisps of darkness emerge from them. Warriors rush in to protect Britannia from these abominations, and a battle of epic proportions occurs. As is the correct order of things, Good prevails, and the surviving Followers and their allies are crushed.
295.3 A suspected collaborator of the FoA is interrogated near Skara Brae. The information reveals the existence of black pentagrams.
295.1 Trinsic and Jhelom repel forces under control of the Followers. When the fighting stops with few losses, the true goal of the attacks is discovered: Draw the attention of the guards away from Minoc and Moonglow, where smaller parties kidnapped Julia and Mariah.
295.1 An attempt is made on the life of a FoA member imprisoned in Yew. The same poison used in previous FoA related murders renders the criminal delirious after the Sages successfully slow it's action down. A few days later, a cure is found and a life is saved.
295.1 Over the course of several days, the surviving Followers of Armageddon members who were held in Serpent's Hold, are transferred by ship to Trinsic and then to Yew, where they will await trial. Unfortunately, their supporters organize ambushes on the escorts and succeed in freeing some of them.
295.1 The First Council of The Nine is convened in Britian to discuss the findings in Wind.
294.11 The Council errects small HQ in Britain. Word of Blackthorn's return after being stranded in a strange land by the liches Lathiari and Kyrnia reaches the council.
294.7 The Followers of Armageddon (previously the Zog Cabal), are officially outlawed by the King. Rewards are offered for their capture, and the Hunt begins.
294.1 Massive earthquakes shake the all of Britannia. It can only be assumed that the Zog Cabal made an attempt at casting the Armageddon spell, but failed, fortunately. It is later discovered that the tremors have opened passages to what looks like a new world...
293.6 Eye of Dahsk stolen during the Festival of Masks in Nujel'm.
293.? The Relics of Mondain are stolen from the Counselor Guild in Britain, where they were displayed.
293.2 A Wake for Sage Humbolt, who willingly gave his life for his people, is celebrated in Britain.
292.12 Sage Humbolt find a way to destroy the evil Liche duo Lathiari and Kyrnia forever, but that will also mean his death. Nevertheless, he is prepared for the sacrifice, and finds his last rest in the bottom of Dungeon Deceit. - (More)
292.7 The H.M.S Opal is sunk of the coast of Nujel'm by an Ivory Serpent
292.6 The search for Juo'Nar finally pays, and the murderous criminal is besieged in his home town of Ocllo. After a tough fight, he is put to death at last, his bloody fist will no longer hold the citizens of the realm in terror.
292.3 Word of attacks by organized monsters against humans reach the city of Wind.
291.12 An uneasy peace settles over Britannia, but the fight is not over yet. As Sage Humbolt continues his research to put an end of the evil Liches Lathiari and Kyrnia , Finth Desryn pursues his investigation of the Zog Cabal and Juo'Nar, the fallen paladin.
291.9 Devastating attacks on every Shrine stretch the security forces to their maximum. A band of creatures waylay a caravan traveling between Trinsic and Skara Brae and slay Tali Desryn, head of the caravan and wife of the newly appointed captain of the Guard of Trinsic, Finth Desryn. It is believed the caravan was transporting weapons and armaments. Juo'Nar took credit for both attacks.
291.9 The attacks on Shrines intensify as Orcs and ettins attempt to burn the Shrines of Honor, Humility, Justice and Valor.
291.9 One day after the attack on the Shrine of Spirituality, the Shrine of Compassion is attacked by orcs and lizardmen.
291.9 Orcs attack the shrine of Spirituality and set it ablaze. When the orcs are slain and the fire is finally put out, the shrine begins to glow and it rains solid gold in the area.
291.8 Adventurers besiege the Liche Kyrnia in her own tower, and with the help of a sage destroy the corrupted shrinestones and the device she was using to bring undead into this world.
291.7 The Liche Lathiari attacks Yew, Trolls blockade the northern bridge out of Vesper, and Juo'Nar launches hordes against Trinsic while he himself travels to the Shrine of Spirituality, brutally murders three monks and steals a magical necklace they were most likely imbuing with magical properties. The attacks do not seem related, but the timing indicates otherwise.
291.5 Brother Olic of the Empath Abbey is captured by orcs while transporting the artifacts of Mondain from Vesper to Britain. He is later rescued by adventurers from the dungeon Covetous.
291.4 The lost city of Wind is discovered. Zed leaves his apprenticeship with his uncle Mortimer to explore the city.
291.4 The order of Guards of Virtue, wielding Order shields, is founded by Lord British. Blackthorn allows them to wield Chaos shields instead if they choose to do so Strange tombstones engraved with rhymes appear all over the realm. They seem to announce a prophecy. - (More)
291.2 Candles burn through the night as the leadership decided upon, the bylaws written and oaths taken, the "Council of the Nine" {CoN}is born. All those inducted have their named etched on a great stone.
290.4 Lord Blackthorn sends a patrol to the newly discovered city of Wind to establish a presence. Amongst the patrol are Aithne and Bortic. The patrol suffers an ambush by British's Order Guard. While they are victorious against British's thugs heavy casualties are suffered. Of those to survive are Aithne, Bortic, Dudley, Kelamor, Reginald and Eldrick.
289.10 Whilst traveling along the road towards Yew, Zed runs into Aithne and Bortic on patrol of the woods near the Dungeon Shame. Old acquaintances do some catching up and new friendship is found. Aithne tells Zed of the deeds of the "Shards of Light" and invites him to join them. Zed accepts.
289.9 Zed meets Aithne for the first time at the Lyceum in Moonglow.
289.0 Time of awakening. (Pacific Shard Comes On-Line)
250.1 Formation of the Kingdom of Britannia.