Ty'orther Fights the Elves

S.Y. 311.1 - Skara Brae (December 30, 2001)
By Zed - Chancellor of the Gentry

Twas a quiet night in the Spiritwood. I was returning from a spirited conversation about the finer points of growing night shade with Leonard the herbalist of the Mages' Menagerie when I heard shouts and raised voices from the rangers guild. I whispered the name of my ethereal steed so that I might climb the path as fast as possible. I entered the guild house to find the Demon Prince Ty'orthor surrounded by Kelamor, Seth and Rugadi, three young elves. Nearby stood Siphon, an elder of the elves and several Rangers of Skara Brae. It was clear that the ancient war between Ty'orthor and the elves had no reprieve this night.

Kelamor spoke words of power and a battle erupted. Ty'orthor attacked the three elves. The battle was short and ended in Ty'othor's death. It would seem that Ty'othor told the young elves that if they were to fight him and win that he would not bother the elves again. Twas a challenge that no elf would ignore. It was, however, after Ty'orthor was returned to his body that I realized the true gravity of what had happened. Ty'othor mounted his etheral steed and chuckled out loud. He said "You defeated a lesser daemon." He grinned an evil grin.

"Just let me know when you wish to face the real Ty'orthor. I shall leave ye alone but the Daemon Lord shall not." He grinned again.

"All ye have fought is merely a shadow. To think you actually thought you defeated the real Ty'orthor." He cackled and the hair on the back of my neck rose.

Kelamor stammered "He promised to leave us alone." as Ty'othor continued to cackle.

Ty'othor said "Nay, I promised I shall leave ye alone, and I shall. But I am simply a shade, nothing genuine." He clapped his hands, pleased at the look of confusion on the young elves faces.

"I bid ye farewell elves" he hissed. "Remember that he is always watching and he will come for ye before long."

Ty'othor spoke the words of power "Kal Ort Por" and disappeared.

The elves celebrated the victory of this battle but I am sure that this ancient war will continue.