Cease Fire

S.Y. 316.5 (January 27, 2003)
Cease Fire
By Tristam
From The Scrolls of the Rangers of Skara Brae

As of Immediately the AoJ will adhere to a cease fire with the City of the Damned (CtD) until further notice. Attack only in self defense.

The USO however still has claims to "their" town. Keep a watchful eye on the Unseen order and if they pose a threat, show them where the city limits are using whatever methods necissary.

Here is a review of the events that transpired last Saturday Night in the Town hall during the meeting.

It all started quite well. Stella informed me of the meeting to discuss what would happen with the town and its invaders. RSB was invited, CtD was invited, OTW was invited, DRO was invited- possibly a few other opposing guilds. It was agreed amongs us that there would be no hostilites during the meeting and at first things went surprisingly well.

Zed proposed a Cease fire among the guilds envolved in the hopes that perhaps a fight for the town is not necissary. Many of us agreed, some did not. Some proposed the town be split in half- they get one side we get ours. As a representative of the guild, I agreed to the cease fire as I felt it in our best interest. The crimes of murder must end and honor must be restored. I was relieved to hear the CtD agree to the proposal, however the rest of the proposals were mixed. Insults were traded particularly among the Dark Alliance members and the OTW, and it was almost eminant that fighting would commense. Still everyone remained peaceful, and the meeting made slow progress.

Then something catastrophic happend. the CtD made a declaration of war onto the OTW during the middle of the meeting, and upon its reciet the OTW executed all of the CtD there, who stood helpless. I teleported next to Zed and Stella to protect them but there was no need. All of the targets lay dead where they once stood, with the skarain council staring at it all, in awe.

Tonight Malgan, Delilah and I met with the leaders of the Dark Alliance to discuss terms for the cease fire. CtD agreed and made it official, USO did not. They still want this town with or without the CtD help.

S.Y. 316.5 (January 27, 2003)
Cease Fire
By Aeon (Edited by Zed, Keeper of the Tome of Knowledge)
From The Scrolls of the Rangers of Skara Brae

Just to clear up any confusion, at no point in time did the Unseen Order claim Skara Brae as their own.

In general, they have on no occasion 'held' cities which they have attacked, for more than the evening in which they victored. The undead leave before dawn, due to their 'aversion' to sunlight.

War status between USO and AoJ remains your choice.

Of War, Territory, and the Unseen Order.

It should be understood that the Unseen Order cannot physically 'hold' a city, until/unless they complete a ritual (the 'Rit Lortim Temanitas') which renders them 'resistant' to the daylight. The only exception to this is in the area around the City of the Damned, (where black clouds span the sky perpetually.)

Unfortunately, due to the great community in Skara Brae, it wouldn't be desirable to treat Skara Brae the same way as USO treats Trammel Moonglow (OTW territory - no USO is allowed to even go there without authorization from an Elder), so you may encounter USO members in Skara. Presumably their reasons for going there are more than just to pick a fight. 'Coyboy' activity among USO members will not be tolerated, and should you witness it, I want to know about it. Naturally, you're welcome to deal with USO however you like if you encounter them in Skara Brae.

Of the Ritual

The urgency to complete the Ritual has been increased by the discovery of a material which harnesses sunlight, which a member of OTW hopes to use to strengthen their weapons.

The incantations are complex, and have been written in an ancient language (a precursor to gargish, and our lexicon of modern magick). When we have completed the ritual the Order will no longer be vulnerable to the 'dayfire'...

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