The Dark Alliance attains victory in Skara Brae!

S.Y. 316.4 (January 21, 2003)
The Dark Alliance attains victory in Skara Brae!
By Drakkar
From The Skara Brae Chimera

The night was silent as I walked the streets of Skara Brea. The Dark Alliance stood in a circle, smelling the sweet smell of victory. Skara Brea belonged to us now, the hall, the people in it, all ours. I thought back to only a short time ago what had happened.

He ran through the forest of Trinsic, hunting his next meal when a voice entered his mind. Come to the tower. I pulled out my recall book and chose the location. Appearing before the tower, I stepped up to the door, trying to get my bearings. Magic still affected my head, seeing how I was not all that good at it. I pulled open the doors and Aeon and Sarcoph greeted me. I nodded and went into the armoury to restock a few items; I also threw a few potions and regs I had gotten off my "Meal". Aeon told me to come into the main room and I closed the armoury door. "We go to the Hall tonight. We are to defend it against the Rangers." I nodded and let out a response, "But are they naught supposed to have a moot there tonight?" Aeon smirked and called her shadow horse. "Not if we can help it." As Aeon called for more of the Alliance to show up, I whispered into the winds myself to get the City ready. Lord Goku entered the door and nodded to me. I smiled at him, knowing his past with the wolves, and Minty. This would be quite interesting. Aeon opened a gate to the orc fort and several orcs passed through. "Ug, they said as they entered. Aeon nodded to everyone to follow her and the made a gate to the land of the Drow Elves.

Many a drow were present there. Ilyrna had lined up her troops and was busy inspecting them. Out of tradition or pure instinct, I sat next to Aeon protectively and the other members of the Alliance lined up beside us. Everyone announced their readies and Aeon again opened a gate, but to behind the ranger hall. We cautiously rode up in front, scanning for evidence of people hiding in the trees. Nothing. They have not shown up yet. Aeon told me to scout toward the docks, and I leapt upon my steed. I ran up to the docks and sat for a moment, trying to get a message to Aeon's mind that it was all clear, but then, a ranger showed up. He sat for a moment, looking in confusion at me, and then he turned and fled across the water. I grinned to myself as another scout showed up behind me, he hid behind some barrels and I went to hide behind a paddle boat when Dirkonis of the wolves showed up. He turned around so fast I could not even ask him to stop. I got through to Aeon and she said to proceed ahead...but to be careful. I crossed the docks and sat for a moment. A ranger showed up, then another, then some wolves. I was terribly outnumbered. I made a comment and turned around to cross the docks. They followed. Aeon told me to come back quickly, so I did. We sat ready for the enemy for close to within ten minutes of the Hall. Finally, we heard a report for Goku, "Here they come!" We readied our spells and pulled our weapons out of our sheaths and awaited the wolves. They came fast, as poison fields showed up all over the place, it seemed I was boxed in. Fearing to get poisoned myself, I started to run south, to maybe flank the wolves. But I felt the whoosh of spells hitting my skin, and I started to apply bandages. I looked around to see wolves and rangers falling from their horses, knocked out cold. Our archers shot their arrows true, hitting their targets. The orcs "Krimped" a person and brought him down hard. The drow continued to cast spells, killing one after another. I saw one of our own fall, I couldn't place his identity. I looked toward Aeon, seeing her mouth open her fangs glisten. Victory was near. I drank a cure potion as I felt the spell hit me, I also felt healing magic’s, but I didn't know who from. I started to run but a final spell hit me off my horse. I cursed myself for not being able to take so many spells and ran towards the docks, hoping to find a wandering healer. Instead, I found a person named Stryfe who healed my head. I ran back and gathered my belongings. The ground was littered with bodies, of the wolves and rangers. The orcs yelled some war chant and the drow stood smirking. It was a great victory. We marched into town and took what was ours. We formed a circle, the Dark Alliance now held Skara Brea. The only thing that ran through our minds, expect for the orcs who wanted ale and gold, was the next city, we were going to take as our own.

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